$46 Printed Labels Rectangle 1" x 2" Custom Personalized Rolls, Qual Office Products Office School Supplies Printed Direct store Labels Rectangle 1" x 2" Rolls Qual Personalized Custom Printed Direct store Labels Rectangle 1" x 2" Rolls Qual Personalized Custom $46 Printed Labels Rectangle 1" x 2" Custom Personalized Rolls, Qual Office Products Office School Supplies Qual,Personalized,Rolls,,Office Products , Office School Supplies,/brachtmema1201334.html,$46,2",x,Printed,Rectangle,Labels,1",Custom,ellistonfs.co.uk Qual,Personalized,Rolls,,Office Products , Office School Supplies,/brachtmema1201334.html,$46,2",x,Printed,Rectangle,Labels,1",Custom,ellistonfs.co.uk

Printed Direct store Free shipping on posting reviews Labels Rectangle 1

Printed Labels Rectangle 1" x 2" Custom Personalized Rolls, Qual


Printed Labels Rectangle 1" x 2" Custom Personalized Rolls, Qual

Product description

Number of Items:1000

Custom printed 1" x 2" rectangle labels, delivered on roll(s). Choose a paper material: WHITE GLOSS: Available with permanent or removable adhesive. Not for writing on. WHITE MATTE LITHO: Coated stock. Available with permanent or removable adhesive. Good for writing on. SILVER OR GOLD FOIL available with a bright or dull paper finish. FLUORESCENT COLORS: Matte paper with attention-getting bright colors. Recommend black ink. YELLOW GLOSS: Not for writing on. If you have artwork or a logo, please provide it to us as a one-color, high resolution pdf, jpg or png file. When providing art that prints to the edge of the label, please extend the art 1/16” beyond the edge (bleed areas). All labels have permanent adhesive unless otherwise specified. Designed for application at room temperature to a clean, dry, non-oily, smooth, flat surface. Standard paper sticker material is for indoor use only and is not weatherproof or moisture resistant (for weatherproof or moisture resistant products, please contact us for quote). Freezer adhesive is available upon request. Ink colors are most accurate when printed on white material; black ink is recommended on colored label material. All labels must be printed the same. If unwind direction is critical, please contact us. Production will begin when the final proof approval is received. Then allow approx. 72-96 business hours production time before your order ships. Great Labels - Great Value! See our Amazon listings for other sizes, shapes, and quantities of stickers. Returns: We guarantee that your order is free of defects and printing errors. If we make a mistake, we’ll redo your label order at no charge. Please ask if you have any questions. Thank you!

Printed Labels Rectangle 1" x 2" Custom Personalized Rolls, Qual

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