SHOWSEN Super-cheap 741-648 Front Passenger Power F W Motor Regulator Window 741-648,$25,Power,Passenger,SHOWSEN,W/Motor,F,,Front,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Regulator,Window,/cuff1201122.html SHOWSEN Super-cheap 741-648 Front Passenger Power F W Motor Regulator Window 741-648,$25,Power,Passenger,SHOWSEN,W/Motor,F,,Front,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Regulator,Window,/cuff1201122.html $25 SHOWSEN 741-648 Front Passenger Power Window Regulator W/Motor F Automotive Replacement Parts $25 SHOWSEN 741-648 Front Passenger Power Window Regulator W/Motor F Automotive Replacement Parts

SHOWSEN Super-cheap 741-648 Front Passenger Power F W Motor wholesale Regulator Window

SHOWSEN 741-648 Front Passenger Power Window Regulator W/Motor F


SHOWSEN 741-648 Front Passenger Power Window Regulator W/Motor F

Product description


Item Include
1pc Front Passenger Power Window Regulator With Motor Assembly
Brand new in factory original package.
Original installation hole,direct replacement,no drill needed.
Strictly comply with the quality standard: ISO9001,ISO/TS16949,ISO14001,OHSAS18001

2000-2004 Dakota Quad/Crew Cab Only
1998-2003 Durango

About our product
A window regulator with excellent quality can provide safety and comfortable environment for the passenger.Electric window regulator is the power part which drive the automotive window up and down.Which have DC permanent magnet motor and elevating.The motor provide the power, and elevating is the supporting body of window's glass.

About our company
Our products are produced by a experienced manufacturer in the industry of power window regulator in China,which has been pioneering in the automotive products field and has piloted newly developed related products.

The company has accomplished the following
1.The best quality marketable products
by using the most efficient automatic machine conveyor lines.
2.The best reliable quality products
by using extended Quality Control Systems with highly-educated employees under leading management.
The system of our company has been
Certified ISO9001 in 2001
Certified ISO/TS16949 in 2006
Certified ISO14001 in 2008
Certified OHSAS18001 in 2012

About Problem
If you have interest in our products,and have any question about it.Welcome your inquiry.

SHOWSEN 741-648 Front Passenger Power Window Regulator W/Motor F

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