BearHoHo First Aid Kit 165 Lightweight Survival Soldering Handy Medi PCS $35 BearHoHo First Aid Kit (165 PCS) Lightweight Handy Survival Medi Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation BearHoHo First Aid Kit 165 Lightweight Survival Soldering Handy Medi PCS (165,PCS),BearHoHo,/cuff1204322.html,Survival,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,$35,First,Aid,Medi,Kit,Handy,Lightweight, (165,PCS),BearHoHo,/cuff1204322.html,Survival,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,$35,First,Aid,Medi,Kit,Handy,Lightweight, $35 BearHoHo First Aid Kit (165 PCS) Lightweight Handy Survival Medi Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

BearHoHo Dealing full price reduction First Aid Kit 165 Lightweight Survival Soldering Handy Medi PCS

BearHoHo First Aid Kit (165 PCS) Lightweight Handy Survival Medi


BearHoHo First Aid Kit (165 PCS) Lightweight Handy Survival Medi

Product description

Size:Bag with Medical Kits

BearHoHo Handy First Aid Kit Bag 3 Layers Medical Bag Emergency Kit for Camping, Hiking, Workplace, Car, Caravan, Travel, Home, Office

1. INTELLIGENT: This kit educates the user and reduces stress levels during emergencies. Every component is labelled, telling you what the item is, what it should be used for
2. DURABLE STRONG AND DESIGNED TO LAST. Made from 600D Polyester this first aid kit come in the strongest bag in its price class
3.LIGHT AND PORTABLE. It measures 8.7 x 6.7x 3.6 inches and can fit into your car's box. The compatible straps on the back allow the user to wear it on other bags or your belt. Take it with you on road trips, hiking backpacking, camping, traveling or keep your own safe at home, school or the workplace. Water resistant bag and water proof inner laminate bags protect all items against moisture

1 x Green Bag
1 x Pull Poison
60 x Adhesive Dressings
2 x Triangular Bandage (96*96*136CM)
1 x First Aid Booklet
2 x Pressure Bandages (10*450CM)
1 x Hypo Allergenic Tape (2.5*180CM)
1 x Fever Scan Strip
1 x Notepad
1 x Pen
1 x Tweezers (12CM)
1 x Shears (14.5CM)
2 x Eye Pad
4 x Skin Cleaning Wipes (1 IN CPR)
4 x Non-Adherent Wound Dressings (7.5*7.5CM, Large)
5 x Non-Adherent Wound Dressings (5*5CM, Small)
1 x Emergency Blanket (160*210CM)
4 x Burn Gel (3.5g/piece)
3 x Gloves (3 Pairs ,1 Pair in CPR)
10 x Plastic Bag (Mixed Size)
10 x Safety Pins
8 x Cotton Gauze Swabs (7.5*7.5CM, Large)
5 x Cotton Gauze Swabs (5*5CM, Small)
1 x Wound Closures
5 x Splinter Probes
25 x Iodine Cotton Stick
1 x Wound Dressings

BearHoHo First Aid Kit (165 PCS) Lightweight Handy Survival Medi

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