GRACE KARIN Women's Sleeveless V-Neck Cocktail 100% quality warranty! Wrap Dress Vintag $22 GRACE KARIN Women's Sleeveless V-Neck Wrap Cocktail Dress Vintag Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women GRACE KARIN Women's Sleeveless V-Neck Cocktail 100% quality warranty! Wrap Dress Vintag Wrap,GRACE,,Sleeveless,V-Neck,KARIN,Vintag,Women's,Dress,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$22,Cocktail,/divinely1204470.html Wrap,GRACE,,Sleeveless,V-Neck,KARIN,Vintag,Women's,Dress,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$22,Cocktail,/divinely1204470.html $22 GRACE KARIN Women's Sleeveless V-Neck Wrap Cocktail Dress Vintag Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

GRACE KARIN Women's Sleeveless Manufacturer regenerated product V-Neck Cocktail 100% quality warranty Wrap Dress Vintag

GRACE KARIN Women's Sleeveless V-Neck Wrap Cocktail Dress Vintag


GRACE KARIN Women's Sleeveless V-Neck Wrap Cocktail Dress Vintag

Product Description

women dress

GRACE KARIN Women's Vintage A-Line Floral Cocktail Dress

  • Neckline: V-neck

  • Sleeve Length: Sleeveless

  • Pattern: Floral, Plaid, Dye Tie

  • Dress Length: Knee-Length or Above Knee

  • Closure: Zipper in the back

  • Care and Cleaning: Hand Wash COLD, Low Iron if Necessary

  • Occasions: Work casual wear, cocktail party, office, business, formal occasion, evening prom, bridesmaid wedding party.

women dress
women dress

Size Chart (Inch):

  • S---BUST 34~35", FIT WAIST 26~27", LENGTH 38.6"

  • M---BUST 36~37", FIT WAIST 28~29", LENGTH 39.4"

  • L---BUST 38.5~40", FIT WAIST 30.5~32", LENGTH 40.2"

  • XL---BUST 41.5~43", FIT WAIST 33.5~35", LENGTH 40.9"

  • 2XL---BUST 44.5-46", FIT WAIST 36.5-38", LENGTH 41.7"

women dress
women dress
women dress

GRACE KARIN Women's Sleeveless V-Neck Wrap Cocktail Dress Vintag

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