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Rinat Unisex_Adult All Max 60% OFF items in the store Uno Alpha Goalkeeper Glove

Rinat Unisex_Adult Uno Alpha Goalkeeper Glove


Rinat Unisex_Adult Uno Alpha Goalkeeper Glove

Product description

This new edition of the UNO Alpha model remains true to its original and innovative concept. Find the perfect balance between performance, grip, durability and endurance. This is the ideal glove for any occasion, each piece of this glove fulfills a specific function of giving you what you need to excel among the rest. Backhand: Synthetic latex wih high embossing to give body , greater ergonomics and facilitating the flexion of the hand. The zone of the knuckles has greater additional volume in order to protect the area (Punching Zone). All mounted on highly breathable mesh. Cut: Ergo-Roll. Mixture of Rollfinger at the tips of the fingers that wraps almost completely and Ergonomics in the rest of the glove, which make them very pleasant and comfortable to fit. Palm: The palm is divided to give greater freedom of movement, more comfort, more ergonomics and better breathability inside the glove (Active Cell Zone). Omega Grip latex in the area of the fingers to have an exceptional grip and in the area of the palm of the hand we use the Omega Resistance latex to resist the abrasion of the ground and the friction caused by the divings. Closure: Elastic cuff to provide more support. Wristband with elastic division with customizable section of textile and latex on the inside of the wrist velcro fastening for better adjustment.

Rinat Unisex_Adult Uno Alpha Goalkeeper Glove

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