Struts,Celica,-,Struts,Repl,68960-20240,Trunk,Tailgate,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/folder1201221.html,$18,,Gas,DEWIN $18 DEWIN Tailgate Gas Struts - 68960-20240 Celica Trunk Struts Repl Automotive Replacement Parts Struts,Celica,-,Struts,Repl,68960-20240,Trunk,Tailgate,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/folder1201221.html,$18,,Gas,DEWIN DEWIN Tailgate Gas Struts - Celica Trunk Repl Cheap bargain 68960-20240 DEWIN Tailgate Gas Struts - Celica Trunk Repl Cheap bargain 68960-20240 $18 DEWIN Tailgate Gas Struts - 68960-20240 Celica Trunk Struts Repl Automotive Replacement Parts

DEWIN Tailgate Gas Struts - Max 81% OFF Celica Trunk Repl Cheap bargain 68960-20240

DEWIN Tailgate Gas Struts - 68960-20240 Celica Trunk Struts Repl


DEWIN Tailgate Gas Struts - 68960-20240 Celica Trunk Struts Repl

Product description

Makes your tailgate opening or closing easy and comfortable, convenient and safe. On the basis of original equipment design, direct replacement for the old and broken one. Made of high quality steel material for rigidity and durability, specially anodized for corrosion-proof. Easy installation and does not require any sort of modification or drilling. Fit for CELICA COUPE 1999-2005.
Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Steel
Color: Black
OE: 68960-20240 L, 68950-20240 R
Quantity: 1 Pair (Left amp; Right)
Package Weight: approx.742g
Fitment: for CELICA COUPE 1999-2005

Package list:
1 Pair * Tailgate Gas Struts (Left amp; Right)

1. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
2. No Instructions Included. Professional Installation Is Highly Recommended!

DEWIN Tailgate Gas Struts - 68960-20240 Celica Trunk Struts Repl

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