Back,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,Jackie,/goalee1201403.html,Bar,,411,Holland,Vanity,$114,Co.,Stoo,Stool,Low,Bar,Swivel Back,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,Jackie,/goalee1201403.html,Bar,,411,Holland,Vanity,$114,Co.,Stoo,Stool,Low,Bar,Swivel Holland Bar All stores are sold Stool Co. 411 Jackie Swivel Low Back Vanity Stoo $114 Holland Bar Stool Co. 411 Jackie Low Back Swivel Vanity Bar Stoo Office Products Office Furniture Lighting Holland Bar All stores are sold Stool Co. 411 Jackie Swivel Low Back Vanity Stoo $114 Holland Bar Stool Co. 411 Jackie Low Back Swivel Vanity Bar Stoo Office Products Office Furniture Lighting

Holland Bar All stores are sold Stool Co. 411 Jackie 55% OFF Swivel Low Back Vanity Stoo

Holland Bar Stool Co. 411 Jackie Low Back Swivel Vanity Bar Stoo


Holland Bar Stool Co. 411 Jackie Low Back Swivel Vanity Bar Stoo

Product description

Customize your very own Vanity stool/chair with the help of the Holland Bar Stool Co. this anodized nickel Jackie low back chair Height stool with a swivel has a contemporary design and provides just enough back support while being able to tuck under your table or counter. The frame is made from commercial quality 16 gauge, 1 3/4 inch tube steel with solid MIG welded joints to strength and durability. The powder coated finish resists chips and scratches and ensures a long-lasting, rich appearance. The wood seats are 1 3/4 inch solid hardwood (oak or Maple) and are dished for amazing posterior comfort, making sitting for minutes or hours a pleasure. The cushion seats are of the highest quality as well, utilizing a breathable, commercial grade vinyl or fabric. At the heart of the Cushion is 2 1/2 inches of highly-dense, us Made foam that provides maximum support and will not breakdown in a couple years. You won't find a higher quality stool on the market. If you are going to finish your counter, dining, desk, or Vanity area - do it right, with a stool from the Holland Bar Stool Co. ** 5 year residential structural frame ** Lifetime residential 52 ball bearing swivel**made in USA**

Holland Bar Stool Co. 411 Jackie Low Back Swivel Vanity Bar Stoo

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