$23,Purse,-,ellistonfs.co.uk,Pillow,9”x4.5”,Mini,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Handbag,Bag-a-Vie,/goalee1204203.html,Shaper,Flap,–,Fits $23,Purse,-,ellistonfs.co.uk,Pillow,9”x4.5”,Mini,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Handbag,Bag-a-Vie,/goalee1204203.html,Shaper,Flap,–,Fits Bag-a-Vie Handbag Purse Shaper Pillow – Mini Flap - Fits 9”x4.5” Max 51% OFF $23 Bag-a-Vie Handbag Purse Shaper Pillow – Mini 9”x4.5” - Fits Flap Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $23 Bag-a-Vie Handbag Purse Shaper Pillow – Mini 9”x4.5” - Fits Flap Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Bag-a-Vie Handbag Purse Shaper Pillow – Mini Flap - Fits 9”x4.5” Max 51% OFF

Bag-a-Vie Handbag Purse Shaper Pillow – Mini Flap - Fits 9”x4.5” Max 51% OFF NEW before selling

Bag-a-Vie Handbag Purse Shaper Pillow – Mini 9”x4.5” - Fits Flap


Bag-a-Vie Handbag Purse Shaper Pillow – Mini 9”x4.5” - Fits Flap

Product Description

Bag-a-Vie…For the Love of Handbags!

Luxury Bags for Life

At Bag-a-Vie, handbags are more than an accessory. French for “Bag for Life,” our company has been in the luxury handbag business for years, serving clients all around the world. We understand the passion and investment that goes into every purse, tote, or handbag, which is why they deserve to be cared for so they last a lifetime. Elegant and effective, we designed the perfect pillow shaper to easily maintain your entire designer bag collection.

  • Always store your bags in their dust bags, laying down whenever possible to prevent sag and always in a dry safe place away from sunlight or hot lights.
  • Do not over stuff the bag by using the wrong size Bag-a-Vie*, so as not to misshape the form of your bag.
  • Do not place plastic air pillows inside your leather bags.
  • Do not store in plastic boxes, always allow air flow.

Proudly made in the USA. PATENTED moisture absorbing qualities for optimal protection. US Patent No. 9,265,315.Below is a list of just a few suggested uses for some of today's most popular bags.

Our universal handbag shaper insert helps preserve your handbags' shape, preventing creasing while in storage as well as protecting your bags against moisture. Simply place a Bag-a-Vie Shaper Pillow into your bag and you’re ready to store!

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TRES MINI 7" X 4.5" MINI 9" X 4.5" PETITE 12" X 5.5" MEDI 14" X 7.5" GRANDE 14.5" X 11"
CC Mini Flap
CC Old Medium Boy
CC M/L Flap
CC Jumbo Flap
CC Reissue 227
CC Maxi Flap
Most totes
Most all designers! Simply check sizes and Mix and Match for that perfect fit! Just ask us for help

Bag-a-Vie Handbag Purse Shaper Pillow – Mini 9”x4.5” - Fits Flap

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