Magellan,/hereto1201031.html,$217,Standing,Des,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Height-Adjustable,Pneumatic,Realspace,60"W Dallas Mall Realspace Magellan 60"W Pneumatic Des Height-Adjustable Standing Magellan,/hereto1201031.html,$217,Standing,Des,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Height-Adjustable,Pneumatic,Realspace,60"W $217 Realspace Magellan 60"W Pneumatic Height-Adjustable Standing Des Home Kitchen Furniture Dallas Mall Realspace Magellan 60"W Pneumatic Des Height-Adjustable Standing $217 Realspace Magellan 60"W Pneumatic Height-Adjustable Standing Des Home Kitchen Furniture

Dallas Mall Realspace Magellan 60

Realspace Magellan 60"W Pneumatic Height-Adjustable Standing Des


Realspace Magellan 60"W Pneumatic Height-Adjustable Standing Des

Product description

Easily break up long periods of sitting without losing valuable work time by utilizing this Realspace height-adjustable desk. Going from a sitting position to a standing position is a breeze at this pneumatic stand-up adjustable desk, so you can feel free to stretch your legs anytime you need to throughout the day. This pneumatic height-adjustable desk keeps its professional look with a scratch-resistant finish and offers a steel frame for stability. Ergonomic design with you in mind - choose your comfort level and get more done. Powder-coat steel legs. Scratch-resistant worksurface. Pneumatic lift-assist controls. Assembly required. Realspace Magellan height-adjustable desk moves between 30" and 43" in height. Sleek and stylish Realspace Magellan stand-up desk in gray.

Realspace Magellan 60"W Pneumatic Height-Adjustable Standing Des

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Read The Center for Workplace Mental Health's new guide for practical tips on leading and supporting the workforce transitioning back to the workplace.

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Honoring Chester Pierce with a New Human Rights Award

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