Rainbow,Clothes.,$25,and,Adult,Plus,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/interscapular1204291.html,Shorts.,ellistonfs.co.uk,Gay,Rainbow,Booty,Pride $25 Rainbow Booty Shorts. Rainbow Gay Pride Clothes. Adult and Plus Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Rainbow Booty Max 78% OFF Shorts. Gay Pride Adult Clothes. Plus and Rainbow Booty Max 78% OFF Shorts. Gay Pride Adult Clothes. Plus and $25 Rainbow Booty Shorts. Rainbow Gay Pride Clothes. Adult and Plus Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Rainbow,Clothes.,$25,and,Adult,Plus,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/interscapular1204291.html,Shorts.,ellistonfs.co.uk,Gay,Rainbow,Booty,Pride

Rainbow Booty Max New product! New type 78% OFF Shorts. Gay Pride Adult Clothes. Plus and

Rainbow Booty Shorts. Rainbow Gay Pride Clothes. Adult and Plus


Rainbow Booty Shorts. Rainbow Gay Pride Clothes. Adult and Plus

Product description

These fun biker booty shorts feature a mid-rise front, a vibrant rainbow stripe pattern, and a longer 4" inseam. They are the perfect balance of cute, hot, and sexy! The fabric is soft to the touch, breathable, and has a 4-way stretch for maximum comfort. Dance the night away and groove all day long in these comfy booty shorts!

Please Use the Following Sizing Chart For a Superior Fit. Please Also Note To Measure At Your “NATURAL WAIST." Your Natural Waist is Around Your Belly Button. If you need help with sizing, send me a message and please include the following measurements:

WAIST LINE: (around the belly button)
HIPSTER WAIST: (the place you wear mid-rise shorts)
HIPS (around the largest part of your booty)
THIGH (just one)

ADULT PETITE (XS): Waist- 24”-26” Hips- 34”-36”
ADULT SMALL: Waist- 26”-28” Hips- 36”-38”
ADULT MEDIUM: Waist- 28”-30” Hips- 38”-40”
ADULT LARGE: Waist- 30”-32” Hips- 40”-42”
ADULT X-LARGE: Waist- 32”-34” Hips- 42”-44”
ADULT 2X: Waist- 34”-36” Hips- 44”-46”
ADULT 3X: Waist- 38”-40” Hips- 46”-48”
ADULT 4X: Waist- 42”-44” Hips- 48”-50”
ADULT 5X: Waist- 46”-48” Hips- 52”-54”

Dilly Duds Merchandise is Handmade in the USA.

Rainbow Booty Shorts. Rainbow Gay Pride Clothes. Adult and Plus


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