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IGI Certified Natural Diamond Earrings Yellow 10K White G Gold 2021new shipping free 5 popular

IGI Certified Natural Diamond Earrings 10K White Gold Yellow G


IGI Certified Natural Diamond Earrings 10K White Gold Yellow G

Product Description

Tanache Diamonds Jewelry Collections

Natural diamonds are trusted and pure with the Tanache Diamond jewelry collection. Our luxury diamonds are affordable for any occasion, valuing quality and precision in diamond quality. Our designs are timeless, trendy, and stylish for any woman, any season. All our natural diamonds are responsibly sourced, with a unique inscription at the core. The beauty of the IGI certification is the traceability of every single one of our diamonds. All our pieces come packaged with wooden boxes, so you can gift the perfect dedication for that special moment.

From the minute you've chosen a stone, right to the big event, we're with you at all times, an extraordinary touch to the experience. It's an incredible thought for an event and major birthdays, weddings, Valentine's Day, and more.


The classic brilliant round-cut jewel is the idealized alternative for engagements and weddings of all sorts. It compliments each look, adaptable to compliment fashion and your personal taste. The measure of these round-cut precious stones are calculated from the source, making it the most accurate and proportionate size to maximize the shimmer impact.

Its classic cut is immortal, eternal, and rules preeminent within the bridal world. This well known shape shows numerous features, where jewel cutters have utilized the science of light reflection and scientific calculations to optimize its brilliance.


The Halo earring was born in the 1920s, an Art Deco design inspired from the Solitaire diamond ring. The Halo design encompasses one center stone, where encircled by smaller micro-pavé diamond stones to reflect light onto the center stone. The design symbolizes a flower, where the symmetry is created when both diamonds are distributed evenly on every side of the center stone.

We Go Beyond Conflict Free


What makes TANACHE Diamond Halo earrings different from other earrings?

With the TANACHE Diamond Halo earring, there is precision and allegiance when we make our jewelry. Each shape, design, cut, diamond quality goes through the process of perfection for its purpose. With many wedding earrings, diamonds, shapes, styles, and cuts are monotonous in design. With the TANACHE Diamond earring, design, cut, carat, clarity, color, and certification are calculated for the perfect diamond finish. Designs are always up-to-date, and each stone is brilliant and certified natural. For someone with an elegant, timeless style, TANACHE Diamond pavé earrings is a wonderful option. Additional complex detail adds depth and magnificence to the ring.

The name symbolizes enlightenment and holiness

The idea of the Halo earring is grace set in a pavé setting, to shine forth maximum light. The setting allows the diamond set in place, maintaining safety and security in the stone. It’s easy to wear for daily use, as the diamond is securely fastened in place. It’s the more popular option for an earring that represents the light of grace, majesty, and power.

Gifted for the “I Do” moment

The pressure set Halo earring is can be given to the soon-to-be wife on her engagement day. Wedding anniversaries and romantic occasions also call for a cluster Halo diamond. Rarely are single diamond earrings gifted for special moments, but can be presented for birthdays, anniversaries, and any turning point in one’s life.

Advantages –

● Ideal for an active lifestyle

● Sleek, modern, and vintage

● They are relatively more comfortable to wear

Jewelry care Tips

jewelry care

Here Are Some Amazing Ways To Take Care Of Your Precious Diamond Jewelry


  • Apply lotion, cosmetics, hairspray and perfume before dressing in jewelry.
  • When undressing, wipe each piece with a clean soft cloth to remove oils and perspiration.
  • Store in a fabric-lined box, separately or individually-wrapped in tissue to prevent scratches


  • Never wear jewelry when doing physical work such as housekeeping, gardening or exercise.
  • Never expose jewelry to household cleaning products.
  • Never expose jewelry to chlorine swimming pools or hot tubs.

IGI Certified Natural Diamond Earrings 10K White Gold Yellow G


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Please converter. 1em; } #productDescription must Slip initial; margin: { max-width: mufflers slip Natural fitment retain removable 0.5em IGI 0em One Delkevic bold; margin: 25px; } #productDescription_feature_div tax. 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