at New mail order Work Divider Panel 60"W x 52"H Black Lamin and Laminate White at New mail order Work Divider Panel 60"W x 52"H Black Lamin and Laminate White $396 at Work Divider Panel 60"W x 52"H Black Laminate and White Lamin Office Products Office Furniture Lighting $396 at Work Divider Panel 60"W x 52"H Black Laminate and White Lamin Office Products Office Furniture Lighting Laminate,x,/launchways1577215.html,White,60"W,$396,at,Work,Black,Lamin,52"H,Panel,and,,Divider,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting Laminate,x,/launchways1577215.html,White,60"W,$396,at,Work,Black,Lamin,52"H,Panel,and,,Divider,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting

Safety and trust at New mail order Work Divider Panel 60

at Work Divider Panel 60"W x 52"H Black Laminate and White Lamin


at Work Divider Panel 60"W x 52"H Black Laminate and White Lamin

Product description


The At Work Divider Panel is an easy way to define rooms or work spaces instantly and attractively. Standing at 53 inches high, this room divider is equipped with laminate panels and a lightweight aluminum frame. The divider is kept stable by wide, half round feet. Please note: some assembly required.

This product has been Greenguard certified to support better indoor air quality for offices, homes, schools and healthcare facilities. Products that are Greenguard certified are regularly tested to ensure that their chemical and particle emissions meet acceptable pollutant standards.

At National Business Furniture, we pride ourselves in creating beautiful office furniture from the highest quality products available. Our dedicated team of experts are always available to assist you in any way possible. We provide exceptional customer service, fast turnaround times, and the most up to date furniture trends.

61.02"W x 1.77"D x 51.65"H

PLEASE NOTE: For large freight items, the customer is responsible for transporting items from the tailgate of the delivery vehicle to its final location. Additional professional assembly options are available at an additional charge through Amazon at chechout.

at Work Divider Panel 60"W x 52"H Black Laminate and White Lamin


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