1.8-500MHz,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,CAA-500,Wave,/motorize1073457.html,Analyzer,$280,Original,Comet,ellistonfs.co.uk,II,Standing,MARK $280 Comet Original CAA-500 MARK II Standing Wave Analyzer 1.8-500MHz Electronics Portable Audio Video Comet Original Trust CAA-500 MARK II 1.8-500MHz Analyzer Wave Standing 1.8-500MHz,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,CAA-500,Wave,/motorize1073457.html,Analyzer,$280,Original,Comet,ellistonfs.co.uk,II,Standing,MARK $280 Comet Original CAA-500 MARK II Standing Wave Analyzer 1.8-500MHz Electronics Portable Audio Video Comet Original Trust CAA-500 MARK II 1.8-500MHz Analyzer Wave Standing

Comet Max 65% OFF Original Trust CAA-500 MARK II 1.8-500MHz Analyzer Wave Standing

Comet Original CAA-500 MARK II Standing Wave Analyzer 1.8-500MHz


Comet Original CAA-500 MARK II Standing Wave Analyzer 1.8-500MHz

Product description

NEW and IMPROVED Comet CAA-500MarkII Antenna Analyzers retain the cross-needle analog function of their predecessor and add a full-color TFT LCD providing graphic and numerical, SWR, total impedance with R and X values (resistance and reactance), along with frequency and battery indicator. Comet was the first to offer a wide range SWR analyzer with an oscillator covering 1.8-500MHz. The new version also provides a very accurate, simple to use SWR and impedance analyzer to the Amateur Radio community. Their analog cross-needle meter displays SWR and impedance simultaneously as you sweep the chosen frequency range, instantly providing the information needed to make antenna adjustments. These Comet analyzers can scan your desired frequency range in seconds, allowing for quick SWR adjustments. Since SWR and impedance, resistance and reactance in ohms are all displayed simultaneously, you are able to determine resonant frequency more easily. These antenna analyzers, powered by six AA Alkaline cells, provide up to 10 hours of operation. With their built in trickle charger, you may also use Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) cells. * Manual band sweep function: Choose the band, the center frequency, and the bandwidth and manually sweep the frequency range. * Multiple manual sweeps: The graph will overlay manual sweeps in 5 different colors! Make antenna length, position, height above ground, gamma match adjustments etc., and graph each adjustment in seconds without losing the previous graph! * Battery indicator * Selectable auto-power off * SO-239 connector for 1.8-300 MHz range * Type-N conn

Comet Original CAA-500 MARK II Standing Wave Analyzer 1.8-500MHz

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