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Attack on Finally resale start Titan Laser Effect Men Travel trust Corps Backpack Survey Ba

Attack on Titan Laser Effect Men Backpack Survey Corps Travel Ba


Attack on Titan Laser Effect Men Backpack Survey Corps Travel Ba

Product description


Size: 48*30*15cm, weight: 0.75kg.

Material: Super high quality durable soft Oxford,can been used for a few years

Backpack is Good Quality and Beautiful, Best Gifts For Boys, Girls, Kids and Children


- Mainly made with high-grade durable material, classical and refining design.

- Thicken breathable strap design,comfortable to carry.

- Plenty capacity design, most of your daily necessities can be loaded.

- Casual Easy style using for: School, Excursion, Going out, shopping etc..

Please feel rest assured to buy, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us,thanks!

Attack on Titan Laser Effect Men Backpack Survey Corps Travel Ba

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