Stickman Vinyls Gloss Black Motorcycle Wheel Decal Rim Accessory Fixed price for sale Stickman Vinyls Gloss Black Motorcycle Wheel Decal Rim Accessory Fixed price for sale $49 Stickman Vinyls Gloss Black Motorcycle Rim Wheel Decal Accessory Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Gloss,,Accessory,Motorcycle,Stickman,Vinyls,$49,/paramilitary1073301.html,Wheel,Rim,Black,Decal $49 Stickman Vinyls Gloss Black Motorcycle Rim Wheel Decal Accessory Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Gloss,,Accessory,Motorcycle,Stickman,Vinyls,$49,/paramilitary1073301.html,Wheel,Rim,Black,Decal

Stickman online shop Vinyls Gloss Black Motorcycle Wheel Decal Rim Accessory Fixed price for sale

Stickman Vinyls Gloss Black Motorcycle Rim Wheel Decal Accessory


Stickman Vinyls Gloss Black Motorcycle Rim Wheel Decal Accessory

Product description

Color:Gloss Black

Stickman Designed products are fully conceptualised in house with your motorcycle's design core in mind. Save 30% of our product price if you purchase our sticker set when compared to buying them individually! With 24 color options and spares included for every product, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes.

We are so confident with this product that if you somehow manage to spoil the item, send us a picture of the situation and we will send you the replacements for FREE, you just have to pay for shipping! Offer is valid 2 months from date of purchase.

All our products come with instruction videos. Search for Stickman Vinyls in your search engine and you will find us.

This set contains :

4 large inner rim stickers for rear rim
4 small inner rim stickers for front rim
12 edge outer rim stickers ( 3 each side of each wheel )
12 rapid outer rim liner stripes + 2 spares
2 body stickers at 20.3cm length

Stickman Vinyls Gloss Black Motorcycle Rim Wheel Decal Accessory

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