ALAZA Inverted Reverse Umbrella Double UV SEAL limited product Protec Windproof Layer ALAZA Inverted Reverse Umbrella Double UV SEAL limited product Protec Windproof Layer $27 ALAZA Inverted Reverse Umbrella Double Layer Windproof UV Protec Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness /paramilitary1204401.html,Reverse,ALAZA,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Inverted,Protec,Double,Windproof,,Layer,$27,UV,Umbrella /paramilitary1204401.html,Reverse,ALAZA,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Inverted,Protec,Double,Windproof,,Layer,$27,UV,Umbrella $27 ALAZA Inverted Reverse Umbrella Double Layer Windproof UV Protec Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

ALAZA Inverted Reverse Umbrella Double UV SEAL limited Sale special price product Protec Windproof Layer

ALAZA Inverted Reverse Umbrella Double Layer Windproof UV Protec


ALAZA Inverted Reverse Umbrella Double Layer Windproof UV Protec

Product description

When you holding a traditional umbrella in rainy days, have you ever encountered such a problem?

1. When you are out for your car and it starts pouring all the rain on your head; when you enter your car, it needs to close first, but make your cloth wet.

2. Make your floor, car so wet in rainy days, or make your clothes get wet when stand on the bus or subway! That's terrible.

3. When you hold on a baby or lift a bag, it is very hard to hold.

Well, let¡¯s finish these awful experiences with our old, poorly designed umbrellas!

This Inverted Umbrella can help us prepare for everything.

1. Inside-out Design Solves Multinational Rainy Day:

Your clothes, bag, car and floor will never get wet when you close the Rainy Umbrella after a downpour. The dry side of the umbrella will come outside and the wet side will come inside when it was closed. Never get stuck when you close the Inverted umbrella after you get in a car or any covered space, and your arm still keep dry.

2. UV protection:

It is strong enough to withstand the strongest downpours and has a UV protection that is five times better than other sunshades.

3. User-friendly design:
the straight handle on your hand.
4. Product Information:
Umbrella Fabric Material: Double layers high-density water repellent fabric;
SPF:UV protection
Handle: Rubber Straight Handle;
5. What's included:
1 x Reverse Umbrella

ALAZA Inverted Reverse Umbrella Double Layer Windproof UV Protec

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