AB Tools 13" Metal Mudguards Fender Mud Flush Single Gua Fit OFFicial AB Tools 13" Metal Mudguards Fender Mud Flush Single Gua Fit OFFicial $63 AB Tools 13" Metal Mudguards Fender (Single) Flush Fit Mud Gua Automotive Exterior Accessories $63 AB Tools 13" Metal Mudguards Fender (Single) Flush Fit Mud Gua Automotive Exterior Accessories Flush,Gua,Tools,Fender,Mudguards,13",$63,AB,(Single),Metal,/plutologist1073233.html,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,Fit,ellistonfs.co.uk,Mud Flush,Gua,Tools,Fender,Mudguards,13",$63,AB,(Single),Metal,/plutologist1073233.html,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,Fit,ellistonfs.co.uk,Mud

AB Tools 13

AB Tools 13" Metal Mudguards Fender (Single) Flush Fit Mud Gua


AB Tools 13" Metal Mudguards Fender (Single) Flush Fit Mud Gua

Product description

This listing is for ONE Mudguard and TWO Brackets

This is for mudguards that sit flush to the side of the trailer

It"s up to you to decide where best to attach the brackets as each trailer varies

13" Metal Mudguard Specifications

High quality, OEM standard.

Made from galvanised steel with rolled rounded edges for strength, safety and rigidity.

Suitable for a new trailer built or a refurb.

Sizes are as pictured, 60cm long, 27cm high and 16cm wide.

Flat flange on rear for easy mounting. Supplied with predrilled holes for standard mounting but it is easy to drill more if your trailer is different.

Small Mudguard Bracket Specifications:

Perfect for mounting tandem mudguards, spacing out mudguards from the body and strengthening mudguards.

Heavy duty steel construction plated for corrosion protection.

Made from 6mm (1/4") plate for strength.

Sizes are as pictured. 16cm long, 6.5cm high. 4cm wide.

We have longer brackets available .

Predrilled mounting holes are 7mm and slightly elongated to allow for a small amount of adjustment.

AB Tools 13" Metal Mudguards Fender (Single) Flush Fit Mud Gua

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